Nice to Be Naughty (featuring joerxworx on saxophone)

by Kathleen Martin

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This piece was conceived because of a challenge on SoundCloud to cover Eartha Kitt's "I Want to Be Evil." After checking out her delightful YouTube performance, I decided the lyrics didn't speak to me, so I wrote my own version on a similar theme. In this all-original version, the music beneath my "Nice" opening is from my Waltz to a Wood Thrush and then from "Busier-than-thou Blues" for my "Naughty" bits, featuring Jörg Stohwasser on Saxophone.

But I encourage you to hear my first mix / mash-up using Earle Hagen's own musical duality: His Andy Griffith Show Theme followed by his glorious Harlem Nocturne as performed by Johnny Otis and orchestra at SoundCloud, and you can listen to it here: Thanks for your support last year and this!


by Kathleen Martin © 2016

Like the driven snow
I have always been pure.
Polite as Miss Manners.
So mild and demure.

More femme than fatale
On a path that is narrow.
More prim than low-brow,
As straight as an arrow.

I colored within the lines,
Kept my ankles crossed.
Listened to my elders,
Content to be bossed.

Yes, I've always...
Dotted my I's,
Crossed my T's,
Minded my Q's
And also my P's

But in the innuendo,
It's my asterisk! *
I'll shut my von Trapp now to
Break it down for you like this:

I'm gonna ...
Embrace the whole Eartha
Full caboodle and Kitt!
Clad in skintight clothing
Become the girl that is "It"!

I'll be lovably wicked
From my purrs to my growls,
Scratching all my itches
On my wildKat prowls!

I'll take off my specs,
Loose my mane from its bun.
I'll be a credit to my sex
And I'll be second to none!

I'll be good to the boner
With variety and spice.
A mumbler and a moaner
More naughty than nice!

Hooching my coochie,
Grinding my bumps.
Wooging my boogie,
I'll shimmy my lumps!

In amazing disgrace
I'll fly high my freak flag.
Buy a merkin in case
My carpet needs a good shag.

Hooching my coochie,
Grinding my bumps.
Wooging my boogie,
I'll shimmy my lumps!

I'll trade in my harp
For some down & dirty sax.
I'll kick out all the jams
And be ballin' some Jacks!


released February 13, 2016
Featuring Jörg Stohwasser on Saxophone

Original artwork by JT Lindroos:




Kathleen Martin New Albany, Indiana

For music fans who think outside the boxy confines of genre labels, find here my original work arranged for and performed on a variety of instruments for sounds ranging from sweet to sassy and reedy to brassy; from lofty to lowdown and soulful to hoedown; from serious to silly and urban to hillbilly. I urge you to click on my production notes/lyrics before or as you push play. ☼♥ ... more

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