Play on Words (Doo​-​wop You Do to Me)

by Kathleen Martin

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[Update: I don’t know when Weird Al finished writing up his “Word Crimes” parody (released a month after this one on July 15, 2014), but clearly we were breathing some of the same ether in the noösphere and crossing brainwaves in the Zeitgeist at some point in preceding months.]

[Aired NJ/NYC radio on Nov 25, 2014 here: ]
Had it in mind a while to develop a song around a cool kitten copy editor, Grammar Puss, and the village wordsmithy, Wilder Witt III, her cool cat cunning linguist. I would jot down a lyric once in a while but couldn't settle on a style to deliver the song. I was leaning toward Minnie's "If You See My Rooster" or Simone's "I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl," but even if my suggestive lyrics are up their alleys, my pipes clearly are not. I was considering something more Eartha-ly coKitt-ish when, out of the blue, a notion of doo-wop style landed in my lap or thereabouts. Wasn't certain if it would work well with my words, but in the end I actually appreciate the dissonance of double entendre lyrics set in a sweetly innocent musical genre.

My instrumentation includes the usual suspects but might mention I contributed the "bum-bum-bum-bum" vocal low notes. I tried using a REAPER effect to take it down another octave where I actually wanted it, but it just didn't sound right. The shuffling drum track and closed-hat chorus beats are off of a Zoom RhythmTrak machine JT (Philo) got for me. Sure hope this brings a smile to all you super cool cats and kittens out there!


You have a way with words, as well this kitten knows.
You went from good to verse, perfected purple prose.
You know that iamb ode beside your syncopated beat.

Tease me with your wordplay, you cunning linguist you.
Take poetic license, show me all your quill can do.
No syntax will be levied on our nothings whispered sweet.

BRIDGE: Your mighty pen is stirring
Now your grammar puss is purring
Hear my haiku-ing out in delight
We'll form a bona fide couplet tonight!

You're just my typeface (comic sans), a font of fun
The way you simile like a brightly burning sun. ☼
Your dangling participle is my favorite part of speech.

BRIDGE: Your mighty pen is stirring
Now your grammar puss is purring
Hear my haiku-ing out in delight
We formed a bona fide couplet tonight!

We doubled our entendres, and you rapped me in your rhyme.
Your assonance so tight can parse me any time.
Your irony is hot again, it's time to steam the sheets....
...with our blended body heat.


released June 15, 2014
Written, performed, recorded and produced by Kathleen Martin [June 14, 2014]

Cover art/design by JT Lindroos




Kathleen Martin New Albany, Indiana

For music fans who think outside the boxy confines of genre labels, find here my original work arranged for and performed on a variety of instruments for sounds ranging from sweet to sassy and reedy to brassy; from lofty to lowdown and soulful to hoedown; from serious to silly and urban to hillbilly. I urge you to click on my production notes/lyrics before or as you push play. ☼♥ ... more

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